Tennis Balls: Fun toy or hazard to your dog’s health……?

Read below then decide!

Pictured below, is Sadie, a 9yr old female spayed Labrador Retriever who has an addiction to tennis balls. Tennis balls can lead to excessive wearing of dog’s teeth. The fibers that cover tennis balls are surprisingly abrasive and are made to withstand hard surfaces like a tennis court. This abrasive covering can wear through the dogs enamel and dentine which can shorten the crowns and in severe cases even expose the root canal of the tooth. This is more than just a cosmetic problem because the open root canals are great path ways for bacteria to enter and cause abscesses of the teeth. This is not to mention very painful for your dog. Playing with tennis balls for short periods of time like fetching are ok but dogs should not be allowed to chew or carry balls for any extended period of time. A ball with a smoother surface should be given if your dog is a ball addict like Sadie.

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