Surgical Services

We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened for their safety through complete blood testing and thorough pre-anesthetic examinations. Anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pets needs. Surgical services and facilities include: circulating hot water blanket to provide heat, EKG, apnea monitor, blood pressure, and oxygen monitoring. We offer these services to make your pets surgery a positive and safe experience.

We have a separate surgical and dental suite. We perform all routine surgeries and large number of orthopedic procedures. More information in regards to our oral health can be found if you click here.

Surgeries include (but not limited to):

  • Spaying         Canine $315.75    Feline $219.40
  • Neutering      Canine $265.65    Feline $124.75
  • Declaw (using radiowave)  Two Paw with Spay $383.50 Four Paw with Spay $420.05  Two Paw with Neuter $288.95  Four Paw with Neuter $373.90 Two Paw only $246.35 Four Paw only  $338.85
  • Ear Cropping offered for puppies from age 8-12wks. Free consultation! For more information click here
  • Mass Removals 
  • Tail Dock/ Dewclaw Removal  offered for puppies 2-3 days old.
  • Foreign Body Surgeries
  • Amputation

* All routine surgeries (Spay, Neuter, Declaw, and Ear Crop) include preoperative bloodwork and medications to go home in the total price. 

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