• Help! My dog ate “________”!

    Feb 06 2017

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    My dog ate “_____”, what should I do?   Would you know what to do, if your dog got into your prescription medications? The Halloween candy? The cuttings from the…

  • When you’re smilin’!

    Feb 02 2017

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you! February is Pet Dental Health Awareness Month and now you can get a FREE “Restart Dental Kit” to bring home after…

  • Traveling with Pets!

    Jan 11 2017

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    “Carter and Worf V. en route to the park!”  Jan. 2, 2017 Pet Travel Safety Day   Ask anyone, young or old, what they wished they had more time (or…

  • When Santa brings a puppy…(or kitten)

    Dec 21 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Nothing says “happiness on earth” quite like Christmas AND a new pet; especially when that new pet is just a wee one! While those of us  in veterinary medicine generally…

  • Giving THANKS for the whole family (fur included)

    Nov 22 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Thanksgiving is all about giving; don’t leave out your best friends! Pets can enjoy the holiday season too, read on for feast-friendly advice.   Thanksgiving can be a special day…

  • Life of a Vet Tech-Senior edition

    Nov 07 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Hooray for SENIORS!   November is National Senior Pet Awareness Month, and part of raising awareness is making sure that pet owners understand their aging pet’s special needs and dietary…

  • Life as a Vet Tech-Halloween edition

    Oct 25 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Life as a Vet Tech, Halloween edition: October 31st is my all-time favorite day of the year, but even a holiday as innocent as Halloween can be fraught with peril…

  • Toad or Terror? The growing problem of Cane Toads

    Oct 20 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Ahh, fall in Florida. So beautiful, so temperate, so….wet?  Yep, hurricane season doesn’t officially end until the rest of the country is shoveling their driveways; and that extra rain and…

  • National Feral Cat Day 2016

    Oct 13 2016

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

    Sunday, October 16th is NATIONAL FERAL CAT DAY   This Sunday is a nationally recognized day for feral cat awareness! Join us in using this opportunity to learn how YOU…

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    !!!CALLING ALL MUTTS!!! Facebook Contest!!

    Nov 08 2013

    Cape Coral Pet Vet | Practice

      !!!CALLING ALL MUTTS!!! Do you have a mixed breed dog? Do you ever wonder about your pups lineage? What is he? Where did he come from? What genetic disorders…