Mar 14 2017

K9 Veterans Day 2017!

Monday, March 13th, we recognize National K9 Veterans Day; honoring the current, retired, and fallen soldiers of the canine persuasion.

Featured in the photo:

Military Working Dog Nero served in Iraq and saved the lives of over 3000 soldiers. Nero was supposed to be euthanized due to aggression. Nero was rescued by Saveavet and lived the remainder of his life surrounded by veterans who loved him.


Dogs have been in active combat with American soldiers since the birth of our nation, but were not recognized, officially, until WWII. Not coincidentally, the birthday of the US Army K9 Corps is also March 13th (1942).
Military working dogs (aka “war dogs”), have definitely proven themselves over the last 75 years; and training these animals has resulted in over 13 unique, military, K9 job descriptions (even the CIA have their own career dogs!). But, such high-stress and dangerous jobs can sometimes have a grim retirement; studies have shown that some war dogs suffer from debilitating conditions, such as PTSD, upon their resignation. Until November of 2000, war dogs were considered “military surplus equipment” and the majority of dogs were deemed unfit to return to civilian life and were euthanized after their service.Then, in 2000, President Clinton passed “Robby’s Law”,which allows handlers, law enforcement, and approved families a chance to adopt military animals at the end of their service.

Organizations like place these retired heroes with suitable families and ensure they are given the honorable discharge they deserve!


“Saveavet takes un-adoptable Military & Law Enforcement Working dogs at the end of their working career that are deemed unsuitable for adoption and otherwise euthanized after service. We then hire disabled Military & Law Enforcement Veterans to live with and care for these forgotten soldiers.”

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