Nov 22 2016

Giving THANKS for the whole family (fur included)

Thanksgiving is all about giving; don’t leave out your best friends! Pets can enjoy the holiday season too, read on for feast-friendly advice.


Thanksgiving can be a special day for your whole house, including your furbabies (if they like your Uncle Bob as much as you do, that is!). Pets saturate their senses with the warm, rich smells of a feast, the boisterous laughter and commotion of family and friends, and the extra attention of generous guests;  but make sure that their generosity results in happy pets and not a Friday morning emergency vet bill. Some traditional Thanksgiving foods are better left for your guests, but there are a few that you can share with your pets (and their guests) in moderation.

  1. Turkey-white meat only, without skin
  2. Mashed potatoes-forgo the gravy and butter
  3. Sweet potatoes-no marshmallows, but I’m sure you can suffer through eating the extra!
  4. Green beans-almonds are ok but no casserole; onions can be lethal to pets!
  5. Pumpkin-canned only, but make sure that you don’t over indulge yourself because you’ll need to remove yourself from the couch to take your pup for extra walks!
  6. Cranberries-for only the least picky pets!
Remember, the above “vet approved” treats are in moderation only and not for every pet. Pets with sensitive stomachs, food allergies or who have a history of vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues should stick with their veterinarian recommended diet; and extra love can always be substituted for turkey.


Happy Thanksgiving from Cape Coral Pet Vet!

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