Oct 13 2016

National Feral Cat Day 2016


Sunday, October 16th is NATIONAL FERAL CAT DAY


This Sunday is a nationally recognized day for feral cat awareness! Join us in using this opportunity to learn how YOU can directly effect the quality of life for these precious little ones; by educating yourself, your neighbors, your kids, your softball team, your ex-wife and your mailman, on the community programs available in your area! At Cape Coral Pet Vet, we offer a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program for feral cats in the Lee County Area……so, what’s that? Glad that you asked! It starts with the trap (and we offer one for rent), a humane “trap-door” style cage that can safely trap and transport your local peeping tomcat. Then, after spending a day with us, you can pick up your neighborhood watch-cat (bring a carrier) and release him/her back onto their own turf; sterilized, vaccinated and with a fancy new body piercing that identifies them as being a previous TNR contestant!

No strays in your area? Lucky you, keep up the great work! But, if you’d still like to help us continue our “no cat left unfixed” mission, we graciously accept donations for the TNR program! Make it a community event, a troop event, a school event, or even a family bonding experience! We appreciate your involvement and commitment!

Please call us for further details at 239-772-2009

For more information and statistics regarding feral cats, please visit http://www.alleycat.org/community-cat-care/


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